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How to Jump Start a Car With Jump Leads

There is nothing like that sinking feeling when your battery is flat and the car will not start and you know you have to jump start it.

However, it is easy to fix with jump leads. First you need to find a car which has a similar engine size to your own. You should also have safety goggles. Check your car battery as if is is damaged or corroded or leaking it could be dangerous to jump start so call a mechanic. Remember not to put metal objects near the battery and never smoke when carrying out this maneuver.

Turn the headlights and any electronics off and take the key out of the ignition. Then park the vehicles next to each other and ensure the jump leads can go from one battery to the other. Connect the first end of the RED positive lead to the positive terminal on the working battery. Do the same for the other end of the lead for the flat battery.

Then connect the BLACK negative lead to the negative terminal on the working battery. Attach the other end to a metal point as an earth, such as a bolt or bracket, but away from the dead battery. Check your handbook to see if your car has a special negative jump-starting pole.

Start the engine of the working car and wait around a minute before trying to start the car which is not working. If it does not work then wait a little longer. Once the vehicle is running, leave it a little while to charge the battery.

Remove the jump leads in reverse to the way you attached them.

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