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Illegal Joyride Ends with Arrests

At the end of August dirt bike and ATV riders all descended on the town of New Haven for an illegal joyride.

The riders came from as far afield as Boston but what they did not know is that New Haven police would link up with police from East Haven, West Haven and state police to carry out a major crackdown on the illegal dirt bike and ATV use in Greater New Haven.

In the city alone, nine arrests were made and 20 bikes were seized. In total there were 12 to 15 arrests with 30 bikes confiscated.

Police discovered about the ride from social media as well of informants and they considered it to be a major safety hazard with at one point during the gathering 100 bikes doing wheelies and running red lights on the boulevard. They have a policy not to give chase as that can also cause an accident but instead they used video cameras to record drivers and then arrested them later. Plain clothes police also arrested drivers at the Hess gas station on State Street as they were putting gas in their vehicles.

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