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Should You Wear Special Glasses For Night Driving?

Many people believe that sunglasses with a yellow tint will help you with night driving.

Unfortunately the Sunglass Association of America says that this type of lenses only really make you believe you can see better as although they are thought to help with contrast which is supposed to make objects clearer at night, they actually cut down on the amount of light you can really see, so should not be used.

If you do suffer from night blindness, in other words you feel you do not see well enough to drive at night, you can try using special prescription glasses which have an anti-reflective coating. These stop the light from bouncing, especially for those who wear contact lenses which can often cause flares around headlights making it difficult to see at night.

If you do not wear glasses to correct your vision then do not wear sunglasses of any type at night and if you are having difficulty with your vision at night, it is best to stop driving then.

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